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ColombiaGirl Review — Is It Easy To Find A Colombian Bride There?

In this honest ColombiaGirl review you’ll find all the needed info about the platform’s services and understand if it’s worth your time.


Main features


The website sees its mission in making people around the world fall in love with singles from Colombia, and with that, they appear to do a pretty good job. During this ColombiaGirl review, you’ll find out why so many Colombians seeking for men from abroad sign up there. And with plenty of women listed on the site, you’ll find many to catch your interest!

ColombiaGirl’s main purpose is, of course, to introduce you with lots of gorgeous ladies and make you happily fall in love. Moreover, there are way more females registered than males. For these two reasons, ColombiaGirl motivates women to have meaningful profiles, so you’re assured to know a little before you even start chatting with each other. Later, when you’ve found an interesting account, you may chat with her, use the video chat, send a letter, or have a phone call, but that’s not even all they offer!

Advanced features


Besides the basic and video chatting ColombiaGirl accustoms you with statistical data, showing how many messages you’ve sent or how many women have visited your profile (and many more). This is convenient if you want to improve a personal page, after all, a good ranking means many visits. But it’s not the most exciting perk ColombiaGirl entertains you with!

Surely everyone has already experienced how much little gifts can accomplish when you’re dating someone and Colombian girls are no exception! But how are you supposed to make her gifts, if you’re from different countries? ColombiaGirl has spotted this issue already a long time ago and implemented a feature that enables you to send her little gifts, like flowers!

ColombiaGirl profile

This is truly an exciting perk! Firstly, with that, the website actively helps you win the heart of a Colombian bride. Moreover, it also saves you the hassle of running to a post office and sending a packet to another country. And usually, if you send flowers on a traditional way, they’re likely rotten by the time they arrive. So make great use of this perk and you’ll melt her heart like butter.



To ensure you the most pleasant experience, you’ll find not just one or two, but several ways to communicate with women on ColombiaGirl. Firstly, the conventional chat, but you may also use a video chat. If you would like to hear her voice use the call function. People who found their bride on ColombianGirl mostly used CamShare.

A video call is fantastic for numerous reasons! With a conventional chat, most emotions get lost, and while you may attempt to replace the tone of your voice and your feelings with emojis, this often doesn’t work. Having CamShare on ColombiaGirl, on the other hand, helps users to see their interlocutor’s emotions and body language.

Ease of use


Despite ColombiaGirl is entertaining you with so many features, the website is still quite easy to use! Once you’ve registered, everything is pretty self-explaining. It really works intuitively, so there’s no need to worry. With just one automatic click, you already reached the section you wanted to go to, doesn’t matter if it’s your profile or the search function.

The registration is going to take the most effort. However, just because everything else works with even less. It won’t take more than a few minutes! You’ll need to provide an email address, name, location, and username. Then choose a password and you’re registered!



To stay a safe and fun online dating website ColombiaGirl needs to obtain some money. At the first eye, it may seem a bit pricey, something the creators haven’t thought out well. However, for one credit you can already spend a few minutes in a video call or send several messages back and forth so that sending SMS would be actually more expensive!

For you to find a bride in the best way possible, ColombianGirl provides only reasonable prices! Moreover, buying some credits is way cheaper than making holidays and maybe finding someone. But let’s have a look at their prices in a list.

  • $3.99 for 2 credits(special offer for your very first order of 2 credits on the website)
  • $15.99 for 2 credits
  • $96 for 16 credits
  • $399 for 100 credits

Free members features


For you to take a look around first, ColombiaGirl offers some free features. Firstly, creating a profile requires no payment. You may also edit it and search for brides, using all search filters! That way you can check out if you really want a Colombian bride beforehand!

beautiful colombian girl

Premium members features


After you’ve upgraded your membership to Premium you may start approaching Colombian brides if they haven’t approached you yet! Paying is necessary, in return, however, you’ll have a secured environment for efficient search.

All communication tools are charged per minute, so spending your credits on a phone call or a video chat is likely the better option to communicate more. With the help of credits, you can also send your Colombian girl gifts, like flowers or perfumes. With this service, you’ll win her heart!

Search algorithms


Search algorithms on ColombiaGirl help you find interesting profiles rather sooner than later. They compare information in your account with others and propose profiles you may like. Online dating is already saving you a lot of time in love search, and that’s even a faster way to find your Colombian bride as soon as possible. However, it’s important to provide correct information about yourself. After all, these algorithms can’t work, if you feed them with wrong statements.

Search tools


Search tools are great if you know what you want. With such a high number of users, they’re important, otherwise, you would likely end up spending hours on search. Just apply your wishes with the help of filters to detect your dream girl. Do you like small or tall Colombian women? Should she be of a certain age or religion? Is it important for you that she has pictures in her profile? Pointing this out you’ll get the most fitting list of single brides.

ColombiaGirl search


ColombiaGirl gives its best to provide you with a proper dating experience. It’s a secure website and payments are encrypted, so there’s nothing to worry about. With plenty of Colombian women being registered there, you’ll definitely find several interesting profiles! The registration is quite easy, and you can use the website intuitively. This ColombiaGirl review proves there’s hardly anything to complain about. If you truly want to find a Colombian beauty, this website is worth attention.

What is ColombiaGirl?


ColombiaGirl is a dating plattform for singles around the globe. Colombian women look for foreign husbands on this site.

Is ColombiaGirl free?


Creating an account, using the search tools, and looking at profiles of Colombian girls is free. More will cost some money, however, the prices are reasonable.

How do credits work?


After you took a look around and noticed the gorgeous Colombian women for yourself, you may decide to use the website fully. For this, you’ll have to buy credits, which you’ll spend for communication per minute, sending letters, or buying little presents, like flowers, for the lady of your interest.

How can I create a profile on ColombiaGirl?


Simply go to the website and provide some information about yourself, such as email address, name, location, and username, choose a password, and you’re already registered. You may need to verify your email address, but as soon as this is done, you’re ready to start looking for Colombian beauties!

Is ColombiaGirl safe?


The website does its best to provide you with safe and fun dating experience, after all, they want to keep you. You’re still encouraged to follow some basic rules, like not sharing your bank details, reporting profiles that ask for such, and not giving everyone your private phone number or email address.

How can I delete my profile?


After you found the woman you adore there may be no further need for an account on ColombiaGirl. Deleting it is as easy as the registration, simply go to settings, press the “Deactivate Profile” button and all your information will be erased. In case you would like to restore your membership you’ll need to create a new profile.

How many members are on ColombiaGirl?


Most users on the website are Colombian ladies and the number grows by months. So there’s no need to worry, you’ll definitely find several interesting Colombian beauties there!

Can I use ColombiaGirl anonymously?


In short: no. It’s a dating website and to get to know someone you’ll need to provide real information so that the ladies can trust you. However, you’re not asked for things like your social security number, and data provided will be kept safe.

How can I see if a profile is real?


All ladies went through a verification process, so you can be assured, they’re real. ColombiaGirl also does its best to keep the website secure. Should this not be enough, use the video chat option, so that you see your bride is real.

How long does it take for my ColombiaGirl profile to get approved?


The process is instant. You’ll be able to browse hot Colombian ladies straight after registration.

How do I keep my account safe?


ColombiaGirl already keeps it safe. However, you’re still encouraged to follow some basic rules, such as not sharing login data or bank details with anyone. It also helps if you don’t share your private phone number, address, or email with everyone.

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Our reviews
Richard, 27
I’ve always been critical about dating websites, but I raised with the internet, was curious and I didn’t want to end up like my parents who still call me if they need google to be “activated”. So I thought I’d give it a shot. My expectations weren’t that high, and now, here I am, happily in love for half a year already! It was truly the best thing ever happening.
Salome, 24
Colombian men can be so disgusting, I never wanted to date one of them! But it’s not that easy to find a man from abroad. I don’t have the money to make holidays until I find someone, and tourists who come to my home city, usually just stay for a week or two. Too little time to get to know someone. Then a friend told me about this website and I checked it out. I haven’t fallen in love yet, but I’m chatting with this one guy from the UK and he always makes me feel that good, even more, we already decided to visit each other next month!
James, 51
After my wife left me, life was a pain. It took me a long time to get over her. Some day I went on vacation with a friend to Colombia. He ended up having a holiday flirt. I’ve tried the same but without much success, but I still got to know some Colombian women and started to love their culture. While they told me they were not into me, they mentioned this site. It happened already a few years ago and now I’m writing this, still unable to believe I’m gonna marry next week!