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‌What You Should Know About Dating A Haitian Woman ‌

‌ ‌

‌ If you’ve decided to find a girlfriend or a wife in Haiti, there are certain things you should be aware of to succeed in your plan. In the article below you’ll discover reasons to date and marry Haitian girls, learn how to meet Haitian singles, and if online dating is popular on the island.

Haitian women dating cultural peculiarities

‌ If you want to succeed in Haitian dating, learn their customs first. It’s significant. Here’re a few of them.

  • You can’t go into your girlfriend’s room when you come over is she lives with parents. No matter how old she is, 25 or 30. Be in the living room where everybody else is, or go out if you need, but you can’t stay in her room even when doors are open. Meanwhile, Haitian boys can have girls in their rooms starting from high school. Girls are treated much more strictly.
  • There’s gender inequality in Haitian relationships. That’s why online dating is so popular in Haiti. Girls dream to date foreigners with another mentality. The thing is Haitian men have always been considered providers for the family. They work, come home, and do nothing about the household. Meanwhile, Haitian women also work, but then come home and have a lot of chores. That seems unfair for them.
  • Parents expect their daughter to date for marriage. They dream their girl to be taken care of in the best way. That’s why they’re happy when their daughter dates someone with a prestigious job like an engineer or a doctor. Children before marriage is a no-no especially for religious Christian Haitians.

Tips on how to date a Haitian woman

‌ Follow the advice below to make sure you do everything right.

  • Have your manners. It especially concerns greeting people, in particular grown-ups. When you enter your girlfriend’s house, you’d better greet them and… kiss them! Well, that concerns females only. Men are good with handshakes. If you don’t want to spoil the first impression and seem rude — follow the traditions and greet everyone properly.
  • Don’t refuse food. When you’re at your girlfriend’s and you’re offered a meal, it’s impolite to say “No, I’m good”. You at least need to try it to show you respect the family. And her relatives won’t hide they're disappointed you said “no”. You’ll see and feel it. They're a very open nation.
  • Respect her independence. Haitian women are quite prideful. They like to do things for themselves, and they rarely let men do much for them. Haitian ladies can just go mad when guys think girls owe them something. So, for example, if you buy her a present, don’t make her feel like she’s bound now.

Haitian woman dating: what it’s like

‌ Dating a Haitian woman is exciting and thrilling. Here’s why.

  1. Her family will talk to you in Creole. Just nod your head and pretend you understand. In many cases they even might know English but still chat with you in Creole. And it’s not because they’re mean. It’s because they feel comfortable around you and they like you. So they feel it’s natural to use native language.
  2. She’ll grumble in Creole too. It’s her native language and when she’s irritated or disappointed, she’ll speak it to herself, saying everything she thinks about you. She might say bad things, but you’ll never know, you won’t get a word. You’ll get used to it in time and won’t even notice.
  3. She’ll be the best housewife. Growing up, Haitian girls do all the chores like cooking and cleaning. They hate it in childhood, but once they’re older, they’re so used to domestic order and cleanliness that they can’t change their lifestyle. On the other hand, their male siblings aren’t made to do the chores, so the grown up men are usually pretty lazy in Haiti.
  4. She’ll never stop. Beautiful Haitian women are used to doing it all: working, cooking, taking care of the family. Because of their pretty strict upbringing, they become go-getters. They don’t stop till they get what they want. They always need to keep going until they feel they're the best.

‌ Dating a Haitian woman is going to be one of the most unforgettable experiences in your life. How to find one of the beauties? Look for Haitian women online. It’s a fast and effective way to get a girl of your dreams.

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